Why Us?

For your memorable and fun-filled stay in Japan

We offer you a tailored and experienced insight into Japan and its unique Japanese traditions, customs, crafts and people! The real Japan is often hidden behind the most obvious sites and away from the main streets. You will see not only major tourist attractions but also real Japanese lives which are rarely found in your guidebook.

Our life is a full of adventure. Japan has so much natural beauty, culture and history, and we’d love to have the chance to impact your life by helping you immerse yourself in our unique and sometimes unusual world.

We don’t arrange your trip on a desk, we do on foot.
Every trip we arrange for you is one that we’ve personally walked through ourselves. We understand how the programmes feel to walk, travel and experience. All you need to do is share the kind of experience you want to have and the energy you want to expend and we’ll match it with the perfect experience so you get the most out of your trip.

About us

Miki Urushibata
Director & Lead Tour Planner & Guide
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English): Certification No. EN04951
Member of JGA- Japan Guide Association

I have over 20 years experience in the tourism industry including American Express International Inc., Japan Airlines Co. Ltd, Japan National Tourism Organization, Starwood Hotels Japan Company, Topdeck Travel and New York City and Company.

I’m passionate about my country. Even now, I find myself in awe of the natural beauty of my home. I want to share that extraordinary experience with my clients so they can get a real sense of the breathtaking beauty and unique culture of Japan.

Born and bred in Shizuoka
Studied in Washington State and Ohio State

Work experience in New York in the US
Residence in Tokyo since 1993